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Equip yourself with Zeromegot

Our free ashtray dispenser is made of stainless steel. Very durable, secure, waterproof and customizable, it fits perfectly with the environment.

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Choose the equipment that's right for you

The Dispenser

Its dimensions:

65 cm high for 40 cm wide and 8 cm thick.

Its weight:

Twelve Kilograms.

Its fastenings: Fastened to a pole by clamps or on a wall (rear mounting plate). The dispensers can be assembled back to back.

Its materials:

Stainless Steel (distributor and nameplate). Epoxy exterior paint.

Its personalization:

Colors to choose according to the colors of your municipality. Can be delivered with a customized sign, a dustbin and a pole (consult us).

Its capacity:

600 disposable ashtrays (refill at will). 3 columns dispenser. Square key Lock (provided)

Le cendrier | France | Zéromégot

The ashtray

The light aluminium ashtray (60 microns) is recyclable. Once used and sealed, it is safe: cigarette butts are no longer likely to set fire to garbage cans. It can also serve as an original, simple and effective communication medium to promote a structure and its social responsibility.

Le distributeur de cendriers | France | Zéromégot
Le distributeur de cendriers | Franc

Implantation of the Dispenser

Place in strategic locations: stations, universities, waiting areas, beaches, ski resorts, outdoor festivities…

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